Search Dog - Cassine

Joined Team:

Oct 2017




July 2013




German Shepherd


L2 – Hasty




Tug Toy


Anabelle de Chazal


Tennis Ball

More about Cassine

Cassine was born in County Durham, not too far from where her handler, Anabelle, lived in North Yorkshire. She grew up around birds of prey and roaming the moors.

Cassine was 4 when she started training for Search and Rescue. She was already very skilled at finding tennis balls, and added finding humans to her repertoire with ease. Especially as finding them means her tennis ball appears out of Anabelle’s pocket! As soon as her search jacket goes on, she is raring to go, loving her game of hide and seek.

Cassine has never met a puddle she didn’t love and you could mistake her for a Labrador in disguise when a treat is about. She is friendly and very nosey. Though if you come visiting the house, she’ll appear very fierce for about 5 seconds. She spends at least half of her day going to work with her human, exploring the countryside (or other people’s gardens). The rest of the time she snoozes. Or drops a tennis ball at the closest human’s feet.

Cassine was the first ever German Shepherd to qualify as a Lowland Rescue Airscenting Search Dog, having passed her first attempt at National Assessment in December 2020 – we’re very proud of her!