Get Involved

Helping as a Dogsbody

We are always in need of new people to come and help our dogs with their training. By attending our training sessions, and acting as a missing person (or “misper”), dogs gain experience searching for a wide range of people. If you’d be interested in being a “Dogsbody” for the team, be it regularly, or just as a once off, please Contact Us. We have a dedicated Facebook group for our dogsbodies if you’re likely to be able to attend training regularly, which we’ll invite you to join after your first session with us.

Becoming a Member

Membership of the Team is open to any person of 18 years or over, who is interested in furthering the objectives of the Team. Prospective members should contact the Membership Secretary in the first instance, who will send out information regarding where the next few training sessions will be held if they wish to attend.


If people do still want to participate, they will be asked to attend a number of sessions as a “Dogsbody”, who hides for the dogs or otherwise assists at training. As a guide, they would be expected to attend 50 hours in this capacity, with an informal interview at half-way to see if they want to proceed into official training. At this point, their dog (if they have one) can be evaluated to see if it is suitable, and a Thames Valley Police Vetting form must be completed.

After the 50 hours is completed (and assuming the Vetting is satisfactory), the prospective member can then become a Probationer and proceed with formal training in the various competencies required to become operational. Exceptions to this process would include anyone who is already operational with another LR team and wishing to transfer. If voted in (by the Committee) to become a Full Member, they will then be issued with uniform etc.

A small annual subscription is payable, towards the cost of Insurance, and a minimum attendance at training sessions is expected. It is hoped that members will also wish to attend various fundraising events throughout the year. Associate Members can retain membership of their original team and also attend our training/callouts; they are subject to 50% of the subscription and attendance requirements.

Full details can be found in our Rules and Regulations document on the Resources page – with particular reference to section 16, Flowchart diagram (page 38); section 3, Membership (pages 6-9); and section 11, Associate Membership (pages 24 & 25).