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More about Otto

Otto is from a family of pedigree working stock Labradors. His black mother and yellow father, uncles and cousins are all used for shooting but Otto was selected at 4 weeks with the specific intent for SAR work. He is handler Ro’s second operational dog. From the start puppy Otto showed fantastic interest in using his nose finding toys and hidden items and while he loves his food he is very motivated by play with the ball. Otto qualified at an early age and quickly progressed through to L3 with an added interest in Cadaver work. Otto is a total rocket when in his search jacket, moving quickly through the search area or woodland. Luckily he also knows where to find the turn off switch. Otto has been described as a “thinking” dog and while fearless he is not reckless. Emotionally, Otto is loving, affectionate and gentle; qualities seen in his sister Helena who has become a working Guide Dog. Being a breed with a “soft mouth” and a desire to carry items Otto’s alert is the bringsel. This is a tag that hangs from the collar which he’ll swing into his mouth and present to his handler on his return from finding the missing person. Otto is the total package. Ro could ask for nothing more, and they really do love working with each other.