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More about Bruce

“My name is Bruce and I’m a ‘natural’ blonde Labrador. I love cheese. I just love to work alongside my human to help find lost and vulnerable people. I train regularly with the Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs team. I love cheese. I’m good with everybody and I love children. I have powerful, big paws with very little in the way of fine motor skills! I love cheese. I don’t chase cats, squirrels, rabbits or birds, and I ignore horses and cattle. Did I mention I love cheese?”

Bruce is a much loved member of our family and a reliable, hardworking asset for Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs. We got him when he was 12 weeks old. He is a one in a million dog!

At his home in Windsor, Bruce lives with his dog brother Stanley, who is a young black Labrador – they spend lots of time playing with toys and snuggling up together! At home Bruce is calm, considered and gentle with a super personality. He loves to be with people and will let you know if you’re not paying him enough attention! A very obedient and steady dog, he’s is a joy to take shopping or to the pub – however, he can get himself into trouble if there is any food lying around on the floor – he is after all a Labrador!

At work with the Search team Bruce is focused and very driven. He will get very excited if he sees me pick up my boots as he knows he’s going out to work or to a training session. Bruce is a Level Three Search Dog and he can range or distance himself from me quite extensively whilst looking for people. Because of this Bruce wears a fluorescent search jacket which has bells and a light on it so that I know where he is at night. He’s a strong and fit dog allowing him to search effectively for over 2 hours at a time in all weathers, covering over 50 acres of woodland during a search is not unusual for him.