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More about Bertie

Bertie is a Tri Colour Border Collie and is the product of working sheep dog parents that work a farm in Hereford. He was one of a litter of 6 dogs, 4 black and white and 2 tri-colour. As a fan of the black and white collie it was always my intention to pick a black and white pup from the four available, however, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that – Bertie being a lovable ball of tri-colour fluff at only 10 weeks chose us and after playing for a while he crawled into my arms and went to sleep, what else could I do but take him home! The litter were initially raised by the children of the farm as a project, this will explain Bertie’s enthusiastic interest in all children. His birth name was Whisper as he made no noise and (unlike the rest of the litter) did not bark. We very quickly learned the difficulties of training a search and rescue dog that did not bark!! Bertie naturally finds and stays with the missing person once found. He finds the Misper easily, but after he makes a find he hesitates to let us know with his bark alert. Bertie is a good-natured dog and is always a hit at the shows and visits BSARD make such as the TVP open day and visits to the cubs and beavers. He loves the attention and is happy to be stroked and cuddled. Loves to have his tummy rubbed.

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